Meditation Workshop – Dr. Mark Pirtle: Skillfully Aware – Coming Soon

mrk pirtleDr. Mark Pirtle

Freelance health educator, meditation teacher and developer of the Skillfully Awareprogram.

Mind as Medicine
Stress related illnesses like insomnia, depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders and more are caused by the same unconscious mechanism: Attentional Fixation. This explains why mindfulness is a remedy for them all. Understanding the nature of mind, and how to influence it through meditation practice can provide more therapeutic benefit than any pill. This one-day workshop will teach participants about the mind, its connection with the body, and how meditation and mindfulness can be practiced and used as medicine for stress related illness.� $150 per person, lunch included.
Call Dr. Smith’s office for details.

Several one on one session appointments with Dr. Mark Pirtle will also be available.

The location for the 1:1 consultations will be:unfuss

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