Our Team

We, at Integrative Counseling & Hypnosis Associates, have assembled a team of highly respected and qualified professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Each practitioner of the Healing Arts, by applying the most integrative techniques available, provides a wide range of disciplines to affect positive change. This is the heart and soul of Integrative Counseling & Hypnosis Associates, your Centre for Personal Empowerment.

Melody Smith, PhD, LMHC, CHI

Melody Smith, PhD, LMHC,   CHI

Dr. Cindy Wagner, Psy.D, MSW Intern

Cindy Wagner, Psy.D, MSW Intern

Teresa Sgroia, Office Manager

Dr. Beonca M. Durling






With a staff of professional and licensed  therapists, our team can meet the needs of virtually any client. Please click on the “Our Therapy Team” link above, and choose a therapist to read their biography.

Striving for personal growth and empowerment is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, for when we are healthy in mind, body and spirit, we are better able to share our gifts with others.IntegrativeGroupShot