Dr. Cindy Wagner

Dr. Cindy A. Wagner, PsyD, MSW, MHC Intern

Dr. Cindy Wagner graduated in 2001 from The Miami Institute of Psychology with a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology with a heavy emphasis on Multicultural Studies, and holds a Masters in Social Work from Florida International University.  Cindy has done work with both inpatient and outpatient programs at Jackson Memorial Hospital and has worked extensively with crisis intervention.  During her internship, she was the Director of a Neuropsychology Program provided to the public, which was made possible through a grant received by the center.

Cindy takes an eclectic approach to pyschology and combines various modalities while working with clients. The focus of Cindy’s practice is to assist people with acquiring the skills needed for healthy relationships with themselves and others.  Her focus is on improving communication and developing the ability to see things from a different perspective. Cindy enjoys working with adolescence, individuals, couples and the elderly. Cindy specializes in relationship issues and also excells in helping individuals deal with bereavement.